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Gallery Ironwork

Some Images

hanging house name

A swinging house name we built

Curtain hold backs

Curtain hold backs, with a horseshoe

windbreak panels we fitted

We made & fitted the green windbreak panels

Handmade ragwort forks

Standard ragwort forks which we make

Hexagonal Table constructed & fitted

A Hexagonal table we designed and built - its bolted down behind panels

Mandy forging some points

Mandy at the anvil, forging a taper on 10mm round bar

components for fence top rails

Components for fence top railings

Mandy working at the anvil

Mandy working at the anvil

A memorial cross in mid construction

A memorial cross in mid construction

some of our large tent pegs

Ground pegs 16mm, we also make 6mm, 10mm and 12mm

Heavy scrolls

Heavy scrolls for a full size memorial cross

Paul forging a scroll freehand

Paul forging a scroll using a peg and bending fork on the anvil

A decorative tree guard

A decorative tree guard we made

Swallow weather vane

A powder coated weather vane we built to order

safety grille on a well

A safety grille we made to fit in a well

Galvanised railings

Galvanised railings - made to fit the variable spaces & angles!

Galvanised Railings

Galvanised railings made to follow the slope

Sunray design gates

A pair of light driveway gates - sunray design

Park tree guard

Tree guard - can be made to any diameter required

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