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Gallery Machinery

Some Images

chainsaw with scored barrel

It might need a plug - he said!

cleaning under a cutting deck

Cleaning out under a deck before painting with anti rust.

an old atco B14 sharpened

An old B14 Atco, serviced & Sharpened

jcb ride on and honda isy outside

Serviced & waiting to be collected or delivered

Corrosion on cutting deck

Corrosion caused by washing machine down!

Repaired & painted deck

Cutting deck painted after repairs to corroded metal

A rather worn drive belt

A completely shot drivebelt on a shanks pony

a corroded john deere deck

Another badly corroded deck - john deere this time

neat metal forming on a mower deck

Repairs to the john deere deck progressing nicely

no room at the workshop

We regularly end up with more work than we have room for!

deck repair complete and painted

This was the john deere deck after being repaired & painted

Broken bolt in crankshaft

Bolt snapped in crankshaft! We managed to remove it and restore the threads

broken axle brackets from a countax

Badly broken axle brackets from a countax, caused by a missing gearbox brace

Gearbox brace

A new gearbox brace we made for the countax with broken axle brackets

honda gearbox failure

This honda gearbox had used all its oil, overheated and failed - new box required!

DR trimmer mower

DR trimmer mower with bearing block screws which won't stay tight

drivebelt running through grass

The drive belt was running among all that dry grass, recipe for a fire!

broken bearings & con rod

Broken con rod and bearings from a hedgecutter gearbox

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