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Gallery Trees

some images

Nordmann fir showing good growth

Nordmann Fir growing well after fertilizer application.

picea abies and nordmann firs autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

field of picea abies autumn 2017

Autumn 2017

field of mixed size trees

Top field June 2018

big picea abies trees

Bottom field June 2018

digging out old roots

Very important to remove the old roots

Scotts pine transplant

Good growth on the Scotts pines, June 2018

small plantation extension Jan 2016

Small extension to the bottom field plantation Jan 2017

Fraser fir - new for 2016

One of the new varieties - Fraser Fir - June 2018

bags of tree transplants

Tree transplants are delivered in bags - Jan 2017

soaking trees before planting

soaking before planting - norway spruce, scotts pine, nordmann, fraser fir

a planted christmas tree

A bare rooted christmas tree planted - Jan 2017

cutting a christmas tree

Cutting a christmas tree with a chainsaw - Dec 2017

Tree shaker in operation

Tree shaker in operation

winching a tree through the netter

Winching a tree through the big netting funnel

a netted tree on one of our barrows

A netted tree on one of our tree Barrows

horseshoe table decoration

A horseshoe table decoration, made by Mandy

Handmade christmas wreath

Christmas wreath made of natural materials on a willow former, by Mandy

nordmann transplant showing good growth

A Nordmann fir showing good new growth

small netting funnel

A small netting funnel, new for 2017

Christmas wreaths, handmade by Mandy

Handmade wreaths on willow formers, by mandy

large netting funnel with winch added

We added a winch to the large netting funnel for the 2017 season

Photo opportunity board

Mandy painted this photo opportunity board for the 2017 season

Watering the transplanted trees

Watering the bare rooted transplants in April 2017

shearing christmas trees

Shearing christmas trees - June 2017

Ladybird Larvae

Ladybird Larvae, hunting greenfly on the trees

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