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Horseshoe Products

coal forge, boot puller & sunflowers

We have been turning used horseshoes into decorative and practical items for home and garden for several years now!
There seems to be no limit to the range of items that these used shoes can be upcycled into, from small wall hooks & coat racks to nameplates and more!
Our horseshoes arrive just as they were removed from the horse with dirt, rust, nails and sometimes a bit of hoof still attached!
We first put them through the forge and heat to dull red, this loosens the rust and nails and burns off any hoof remains, nails are then removed and shoes wire brushed and sorted into sizes once cooled; ready to be used in the next product.
Once constructed the product is cleaned with a rotary wire brush and the first of two coats of red oxide are applied and allowed to dry fully.
Finally two coats of colour are applied and allowed to dry for good corrosion protection to the finished product.
Items that we keep in stock are available to purchase from our online shop, we can make specific items to order just contact us to discuss your ideas.